Everyone A Song (formerly Distance Together)

EDIT: 1/1/2022 Thanks to everyone who commissioned songs this winter! We sent out this invitation with the hopes of accepting 10 commissions, and we have filled all 10 slots! However, if you are still interested, we are compiling a waitlist of projects that we hope to keep on the docket, so to speak. Let us know of your interest and we'll try to give an approximate timeframe. Thanks!


We have had a tremendous response to this project, and it's such a positive experience that we are once again accepting commissions for original songs! To date we have written and produced 45 commissioned songs, 18 of which have been featured on our Everyone A Song albums, with the second volume now complete and ready to be released on Nov. 5, 2021. If you're not familiar, here's how it works:

Trent will spend a little time on the phone or over email with you to chat about inspirations for a song. Do you have a parent or a child far away that you want to reach out to? Is there a funny story that your family tells that you'd love to turn into a song? Trent and The Steel Wheels will compose a song based on this conversation and record it just for you. You can hear how the process has played out for some of the previous commissioners by listening to our podcast, We Made You a Song, which delves into the stories and the musical inspirations behind a selection of the songs. Who knows, we may even tap you to contribute to a future podcast!

Times are busy for the Wheels, so we will only be opening up a few slots this winter. We will work on the project through the next few months, so while a commissioned song makes a great gift, we won't be able to deliver a final product by Christmas. We will be sweetening the pot with a nice selection of Steel Wheels swag, including one of 10 signed and numbered posters to commemorate the event.

Price: $1500

Contact: manager@thesteelwheels.com with your project idea and let's make some music.